This is our beautiful miniature schnauzer sire, Kinsey's Heart Stryker. Stryker weighs 14 pounds. He is such a wonderful dog. He has a laid-back personality and is just gorgeous! OFA eye exam clear on 5/5/16.

Breeders of AKC Papillons and Miniature Schnauzers



Darla is a beautiful chocolate/tan parti-color miniature schnauzer with a very loving personality. She is our smallest miniature schnauzer. Darla has a very sweet personality. We are thrilled to have her as a part of our family.

Annabelle (Annie)


Annie is a beautiful black/white parti-color miniature schnauzer with a very happy personality. She loves to be involved with the family. Annie is energetic and an absolute joy to have in our family. Annie is a small miniature schnauzer.